The information you submit on this form will only be used to stop unwanted addressed advertising offers from organizations that use CMA's Do Not Mail Service. Before you register please remember that if your name and address are added to the suppression list you could miss out on mailings you may still wish to receive. As your entry will be valid for six years, we suggest you reconsider before registering.

By filling out the form in its entirety you understand that:

  • it will take approximately six weeks to take effect;
  • all CMA member companies will remove my name from their new-contact marketing lists;
  • my name will be retained on the deletion service for six years*;
  • I will not be reminded when my registration expires;
  • registering may prevent offers from companies I normally like hearing from (i.e. catalogues, coupon/sample mailers, etc.);
  • this service cannot stop flyers and other unaddressed advertising mail.

* Should you want to remove your name prior to your registration expiring please email:

Please Note: Consumers interested in reducing unwanted telemarketing calls should register their phone number with the National Do Not Call List operated by the Canadian government. For more information, visit or call 1-866-580-3625(DNCL).

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